DaiCon 大コン

Chihara Minori will be performing live at MMU. Chihara Minori is a famous voice actress and seiyuu in Japan. There will be, Figurine Exhibition, Macross Compendium, Cosplay Competition, Karaoke Competition and many more coming soon...
DaiCon 大コン


Activision game, develop by Radical Entertainment. Like Grand Theft Auto? Want to feel a more violent version of Grand Theft Auto? Click here to kill more... ;x

Basquash ! バスカッシュ!

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Summary :
Basquash is a anime about a kid who at first dislike basketball played by people in robots (Big Foots). He has a dream to go to the moon because the surrounding of "Earth Dash" (The planet they live on) much more like slum yard, but on moon they can live a better life and he believe there can heal coco's leg. Dan is the main character, where he also referred as "Dunk Mask" by the public. Dan hates when the town's TV show the Big Foots playing basketball and he often smash break the public TV and cause trouble to the people. Soon one day, he met Miyuki and she lend him a Big Foot to show off his "real basketball skills" and intrude in the BFB League Regulars Match in the town. He was caught by the police after he failed to dunk the basketball and.... the real story starts. =p

Opening Theme:

nO limiT by Eclipse

Closing Theme:
free by Yu Yamada

Official Website :
Basquash! バスカッシュ!


Got nice boobs in the anime keke~

Kakashi Real Face

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Hold your breath before you play the video. =3

Nice? Sadly is people edit 1... Nobody haven't know the real face yet.

Naruto Shippūden: Bonds (movie) 劇場版NARUTO-ナルト- 疾風伝 絆

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Summary :
is in the movie.

The story begins with Sky Country sends flying shinobi (ninja) bombing konoha. Then Naruto met a doctor name "Shinou-sensei" helping those victims and calls Naruto to help him lift up the rubble. Shinou had a pupil, her name is Amora but she has actually used by Shinou with his acting. Then Naruto encountered with "Reibi" (zero-tail) that are countroled by Shinou.

Personal comment: The early part where the shinobi fly through the villagers, kids and the people hanging clothes, makes me think back of the "Pearl Harbour" movie lol. Just that the air planes from World War II change to shinobi only =p

Ending Theme: No Rain No Rainbow by Home Made KAZOKU

Official Website: Naruto Shippūden: Bonds (movie) 劇場版NARUTO-ナルト- 疾風伝 絆

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (ファイナルファンタジーVII アドベントチルドレン) with Extra Scene

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English subs already out...
Don't miss it.

Ending Theme: Calling by Kyosuke Himuro

Official Website: Final Fantasy VII Complete

Aya Hirano's Visit Malaysia

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I just feel .... of Malaysia after watching all this videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Namewee "Diao"

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Dark Void

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Summary :
Dark Void based on air combat and 3rd person view on land.

Developed by Airtight Games and use Unreal engine.
The gameplay is all about human vs alien and is headeing to PS3, Xbox360 and PC this year.

Official Website: Dark Void

Must Play~!

Trailer :

Eden of The East 東のエデン

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Summary :
The starting of the story shows that Saki Morimi on her college graduation trip to New York, but she went to Washington DC to see the White House. She threw a coin into the garden of the White House and spotted by nearby police officer. This is when a boy claim himself as Akira Takizawa came into the scene, he was naked from top to bottom with a gun and a mobile phone in his hand. His memory was wiped out and after saw some pictures in his room, he thought he is a terrorist.

Opening Theme:
Falling Down by Oasis

Ending Theme:

Futuristic Imagination by School Food Punishment

Official Website : Eden of The East 東のエデン

Trailer :

Sky Crawlers スカイ・クロラ

Posted by LastHopeZ

Summary :
Kannami Yuichi is a genetically-engineered fighter pilot, that is call a "Kildren" and he does not age, but to live to fight and eventually dying in battlefield. The base commander, Kusanagi Suito is a friend of Yuichi and he start to learn about his own fate of one of the Kildren.

Ending Theme:
Konya mo Hoshi ni Dakarete "今夜も星に抱かれて" by Ayaka

Official Website:
Sky Crawlers スカイ・クロラ

Trailer :

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 鋼の錬金術師

Posted by LastHopeZ

Summary :
This is a story of two brothers, Edward Elric and Edward Alphonse in a world that alchemy dominate than science. Alchemy user are call Alchemist, and among all the alchemist there is a taboo that one must not create life by alchemy knowledge. The two brothers when they were young, they lost their mother due to a un-curable sickness. The both of them break the taboo by using alchemy to revive their mom, but the result were fatal. Edward Elric lost his left leg and Edward Alphonse lost his entire body for the cost of using alchemy to create life. In order to save his brother Edward Alphonse, Edward Elric sacrifice his right arm and manage to fix Alphonse soul into a empty armor. Then the journey began where the brothers set out to find a special stone call "Philosopher Stone" that can override the taboo.

The story are about the same as the previous "Full Metal Alchemist" just that this is manga based.

Opening Theme :
Again by Yui

Ending Theme : Uso (Lie) by SID

Official Website:
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood 鋼の錬金術師

Trailer :


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Sick of dotA? Try this game, it has 8 heroes to choose with many class such as range type, mage type, tanker, healer and so on.

The map have many towers to defend your opponents, and each team has a main building that you must destroy to win the match. (Like the sentinel's "world tree" and scourge's "frozen throne")

There are 8 maps all together. This map is called "Cataract".

It will automatically spawn creeps to assists you.

This is the skill tree.
You can choose different skill for different build, according to your own style.

The picture below is the list of the 8 heroes in game you can choose:

Nice game for killing time keke~

Demigod Trailer

Demigod Gameplay

dotA Maps

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Latest Map:
dotA 6.60b

Random Videos ランダムビデオ

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Affiliate Products アフィリエイト商品

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Hayate no Gotoku


Bon Odori 盆踊り


Eureka 7 Movie


Full Scale Gundam


Vocaloid 初音ミク


Asura Cryin' アスラクライン